• Chevron down 1. What is your timezone?
  • Please follow Arizona Standard Time.

  • Chevron down 2. Am I allowed to bring a baby carrier?
  • Yes, baby backpacks are allowed.

  • Chevron down 3. What is the best time of day to visit?
  • Early morning or late afternoon. Early afternoon is the hottest time of day.

  • Chevron down 4. Do you have sufficient parking?
  • We have RV Parking, Bus Parking, and car parking.

  • Chevron down 5. Do we drive ourselves to your location?
  • Yes. There is no shuttle option to get to our location.

  • Chevron down 6. Can we bring pets?
  • No, pets are not allowed inside the canyon. This includes service dogs, because pets are a safety hazard.

  • Chevron down 7. Can we do the tour on our own?
  • No. All tours into the Antelope Canyon are guided.

  • Chevron down 8. How long do the tours generally take?
  • Between 1 – 1.5 hours.

  • Chevron down 9. If Dixie Ellis closes for some reason, will we receive a full refund?
  • Yes, customers receive a full refund for any tour cancelled by Dixie Ellis due to weather-related issues or otherwise.

  • Chevron down 10. How far is it from Page, AZ to your location?
  • The drive is 5 miles (or 10 minutes) from the city of Page.

  • Chevron down 11. Are the ladders safe?
  • Yes. All ladders have handrails.

Open 7 Days A Week

Winter Tour Hours:
Nov 1 – Feb 28
8:45am – 2:45pm

Summer Tour Hours:
Mar 1 – Oct 31
7:45am – 4:15pm

Office Hours: 
7:30am – 5pm