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Tį́’ Lets Cruise Tour

Quick Details

  • Limited availability
  • Water will be provided
  • Lunch will be at Goulding’s Stagecoach Restaurant
    (Guests are responsible for their own lunch)
  • Inquire about your tours with children 7 and under
Adults (Ages 13 & Up) Taxes and Required Permit Added at Checkout
Check in 7:15 AM
Lower Antelope Canyon 7:45AM
Navajo National Monument 10:15AM
Lunch 12:30PM
Monument Valley 1:30PM
Return to Page 5:30PM

Lets Cruise Tour Details

Let us take the trouble out of planning your vacation. We will be happy to do the driving for you, relax and take in the scenery while we drive you to three picturesque locations of the Navajo Nation.

First stop is Dixies Lower Antelope Canyon Tours, take a spectacular hike into the Lower Antelope Canyon and photograph the ever-changing colors of the Navajo sandstone. Experience why at Dixie’s, “It’s not just a tour, it’s an ADVENTURE!”

After your hiking tour is completed, we will continue on to your second destination, Navajo National Monument. Be prepared to take a journey back in time to see ancient ruins of the Anasazi tribe with breathtaking canyons that date back millions of years.

After a blast from the past, it is on to your third and last location, Monument Valley, where you can enjoy lunch at the famous Goulding’s Stagecoach Restaurant (guests are responsible for their own lunch) while overlooking the Valley of the rocks. After lunch get ready to travel to the old west of Hollywood and take a tour amongst the magnificent red sandstone rocks and buttes.

With limited availability, be sure to reserve your tour today, and come cruise with us.